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Familiarisation Tuition

Being Familiar and confident, with your adaptations is paramount to you and your passengers safety, using adaptations for the first time can be very stressful, you can make your first time less stressful by being in a safe controlled environment of an adapted dual controlled vehicle. I strongly believe along with many other driver trainers, that money spent on training, before using adaptations or an adapted driving style, is not only safer but could also be cost effective, being cheaper in the long run than the expense and hassle, of dealing with a possible aftermath of an Accident (RTC).

Familiarisation training could cost as little 2 or 3 hours, but could save you many more hours stress of dealing with Insurers, Repair Shops, and Police. And with the possibility of being ordered to take remedial driver training or a Driver Assessment with either the Driving & Vehicle Standards Agency or a DVLA assessment centre.

I strongly recommend training for the left foot accelerator when being used for the first time, especially for those who have driven manual vehicle.

You should notify your insurers and DVLA of any changes in your health ability or method of vehicle control, we can write a report which could help them with their decision.

If you are required to take an assessment remember it is NOT A DRIVING TEST, We are familiar with the requirements of these agencies, and can offer help and advice before you contact them.

Mobility Funded Familiarisation Tuition

Motability should be prepared to fund familiarisation tuition if the car has been ordered through the Motability scheme with adaptation provided under the Motability Managed Adaptive Program (MMAP) and the adapted controls are being used for the first time.

(They would not normally fund this tuition until the car is ordered)

The standard procedure is to pay the driving instructor in the normal way and then get a receipt which will be refunded by Motability.

  • Contact Motability on 0300 456 4566

  • Ensure that you are talking to Motability Operations and take the name of the person you are talking to.

  • If they try to put you through to Motability Grants state very clearly that the adaptations are provided by Motability Operation.

  • Quote your Customer Reference Number (CRN)

  • Ask for funding for 6 hours familiarisation tuition under (MMAP). (10 hours for Left Foot Accelerator)

  • State that the adaptations have been funded by MMAP and are being used for the first time; tuition is needed to ensure that you can use them safely.